The M2 Relational Engagement Circle is a space for educators pursuing
relational work to explore and experiment with new theories in an intimate
and collaborative environment, as a means to enrich the ways that
relationships can elevate there practice.

The M2 Relational Engagement Circle includes three seminars over 12 months,
is open to twenty select senior educators and features a faculty of world class
cross-disciplinary experts.


M2 Circles: Relational Engagement combines deep academic and applied learning,
expert faculty, and action-based research. Highlights inlude:

Workshops on the formation and
progression of relationships through
the prisms of improvisation and
relational psychology

Individualized mentoring to facilitate
the synthesis of the elements of the
program with participants' personal
strengths, visions, values and
professional realities

Examination of the impact of ideas,
texts and values on relationships based
on the pedagogy and philosophy of

Ongoing action-based research
designed to enable cohort participants
to test and evaluate the application of
their learnings

Intensive work around character
development in the educators' quest for
authenticity and integrity

Participant contribution to a special-
edition journal that will be published
upon completion of the program.

Dedicated time in a "Construction Zone"
designed for collaborative exploration
and disruptive experimentation


The M2 Relational Engagement Circle features a world class faculty including -

Dr. Erica Brown // Rabbi Sharon Cohen Anisfeld // Dr. Elie Holzer
Rae Janvey // Dr. Tamara Mann Tweel // Stephen Markowitz
Dr. Arna Poupko Fisher // Dr. Assael Romanelli // Rabbi Dr. Daniel Smokler
Bernie Steinberg // Shuki Taylor // Rosov Consulting


The M2 Relational Engagement Circle is open to educators deeply
engaged in the theory and practice of relational learning and
enengagement and with at least eight years of relevant field experience.
Participation is by invitation only.

To learn more please contact Michelle Lackie, Senior Director of
Community Engagement, michelle@ieje.org


The program includes three in-person gatherings over the course of 12 months.
In between gatherings, participants should expect to devote up to up to 7 hours
monthly for application, research, and mentoring,

Program Dates:

Seminar 1: July 29 - August 2, 2018 - New York

Seminar 2: January 6-10, 2019 - San Diego

Seminar 3: July 28 - August 1, 2019 - New York

All seminars begin at 5pm on Sunday evenings and end at 3pm on Thursday afternoons


Tuition for the M2 Relational Engagement Circle is $1,800 + a $180 registration fee
Tuition covers all programmatic costs, double occupancy accommodations, domestic
air fare for all three gatherings, and food.

Cost does not cover travel to/from airports or additional airline and other fees.
Single occupancy accommodation is available at an extra charge

M2: The Institute for Experiential Jewish Education develops and provides training and
research that enable educators to craft meaningful learning experiences infused with
Jewish values and purpose.

Our mission is to help educators and organizations design meaningful educational
experiences by offering them training and research grounded in academic theories,
Jewish thought, customized educational approaches and cutting-edge methodologies.

M2 Circles are a series of five distinct cohort-based programs developed by research
groups composed of multidisciplinary experts, providing Jewish educators with an
opportunity to specialize in different areas of experiential Jewish education. The M2
Relational Engagement Circles is the first of five M2 Circles to be launched.

Stay tuned to learn about our next two Circles – The Design of Immersive Experiences
on the fundamentals of UX design launching in Fall 2018, and The Cultures of
Experiential Jewish Education, focused on Positive Psychology and education
launching in Spring 2019.

M2 Circles are generously funded by the Jim Joseph Foundation.


I’m interested, how do I apply?

Applications are by invitation only. If you have a recommendation of
someone who meets the eligibility criteria, or believe you are a suitable
candidate, please email their name, title, organization and why you are
recommending them or yourself, to michelle@ieje.org

What is the cost of the program?

The tuition for the program is $1,800, plus $180 registration fee.

What does tuition include?

The tuition covers the cost of the program to the participant, travel within
North America, double occupancy lodging, all meals during gatherings and
additional seminar-related expenses

Is financial aid available?

Please contact us to discuss need-based finacncial aid

Who is the ideal candidate?

The ideal candidate is the professional who approaches their work with
relationships at the forefront. While relationships can be a strategy to
further engagement, they are most importantly a goal in and of itself.
Educators must be working with North Americans.
Professionals should have a minimum of 8 years experience in the field.

Are there additional requirements
beyond the gatherings?

Yes. The success of the program includes participation in monthly
mentorship conversations, action-based research and application labs.
These requirements are expected to take up to 7 hours/month.

How will the program impact my
current workplace?

We highly value workplace integration and place a heavy emphasis on this
throughout the program. As such, we require that your current supervisor
acknowledge your participation in the program.

What should I expect in terms
of Jewish practice?

The educational theories and practices explored are relevant to
professionals regardless of their denominational or religious background.
The Circle cohort benefits from the diverse backgrounds of educators. If you
have further questions about the program environment, please contact us.

I don’t work in the United States,
am I eligible?

The M2 Relational Engagement Circle is open to educators working with
North Americans.

What is the attendance policy? Will I have to leave
my home/family for the duration of the seminars?

We have a strict attendance policy and expect that our participants be
present at all seminars, at all times.

For more information contact Michelle Lackie at michelle@ieje.org